Cricket Yee is a real estate investor who turned into an agent about 3 years ago when she realized she was talking about the housing market all day, every day. Some people have their passion in sculpture or music or saving the whales, and she has hers in real estate. It's not glamorous, but you might as well do what you love!

She owns 4 properties, lives in one of them, so she has a unique perspective on being both a buyer and a seller, a renter and a landlord. From credit checks to evictions, permits to code violations, she has experience with all aspects of real estate-- probates, auctions, foreclosures, short sales, and even the elusive regular sale.

Before she became a real estate agent, Cricket spent 10 years as a commercial actor, print model as a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Before that she spent many years traveling and working around the world, as an au pair in southern France, a wine bar waitress in Tokyo, and a tourist magazine editor in Guatemala.

She currently resides in a 1920s Spanish bungalow in North Hollywood with her beloved Chihuahua mix, Inky.